Advancement In Computer Technology: Academic Essay Template

In the contemporary world, advancement in computer technology is highly regarded. It has helped many people and sectors to achieve convenience and accessibility to all things. In this background, it is almost difficult to mention the disadvantages of such a development. However, there are various disadvantages of computer technological advances that the modern world should note.

Creating a High Level of Dependency on Gadgets

Advancement in computer technology comes with a high level of dependency. Gone are the days when people utilized their critical skills to solve problems. Today, people will rely on computers applications to find solutions. Unfortunately, such a dependency to devices makes it difficult to innovate and make new discoveries. In this process, the achievements made by scientists who discovered various concepts such as gravity, electricity, algebra may never be made. It also creates a sense of helplessness.

In addition, computer technology places less value on human labor. The level of unemployment in different economies is worrying. The government in such nations has to bear the burden of offering various services since the majority of the citizens have no means of livelihood. Part of the reason for this is because the advancement in computer technology has made it easy to replace workers in industries and various organizations. The few people required to operate machines are paid less. Since there many other unemployed people who can take their position, it is difficult to bargain for higher pay.

Destruction of the World and Young Minds

The destruction experienced in the modern cannot be as enormous as it is if there was little or no computer technology. Terror groups, for instance, can communicate easily, make weapons of mass destruction and avoid detection by the authorities because of invention of the devices. Even further, many young people spend hours and days watching illicit videos on the online platforms. They will in the process learn how to commit crime or abuse substances. The level of addiction to things such as video games also cripples their ability to shape their future at an early age. Their view of life is also distorted.

Advances in computer technology have many disadvantages worth noting. The level of dependency that comes with invention of various gadgets has made it difficult for the modern generation to invent and innovate. It has created high levels of unemployment and at the same time encouraged young people to try their hand in crime. Addiction to substances and games has also prevailed in the process.