What To Write In An Essay About Global Warming Effects

Global warming is a major issue being discussed in all major conventions and conferences over the world. It is threatening our very existence and its effects grow as we speak. If you would like to write up a paper on the same, there is a multitude of information prevalent on the internet, in newspapers, textbooks, etc. to gather all your sources from and present a brilliant essay. Here are a few things you could bring to the attention of the reader in your essay.

  • Ensure you explain the Global Warming phenomenon. The key to explaining any matter is to assume the person being explained to hasn’t the slightest of a clue as to what it is. You need to build your case from the ground up, brick by brick if you truly want to make an ever-lasting impression in the readers’ minds.
  • You may mention the ‘other side of the story,’ so to speak. What I mean by that is you may mention that part of the community that believes this whole phenomenon is concocted as a political agenda to further embezzle money and aid in making the capitalist economy grow even more. Keep it short, however, as you do not represent this community. You are merely mentioning it to portray your open-mindedness to different perspectives.
  • Now that you have laid the groundwork, you are free to explain the effects of global warming. You may divide this into two categories, namely, Flora & Fauna and weather.
  • Flora refers to plants and vegetation, and Fauna refers to the animal kingdom. You can explain how global warming may eventually alter the blooming time of flowers which will lead to pollination at different seasons causing bees’ hibernation times to go out of syncs. You could illustrate the interdependence of the two species and how an effect in flora causes an effect on fauna. Talk about polar bears going extinct as the ice caps keep melting, about butterflies and foxes moving far up north to higher and cooler areas. You may mention how some species have benefitted from this and have increased in population like the Spruce bark beetles in the past 20 years due to warm summers which in turn has resulted in over 8 million Spruce trees being consumed by them.
  • Regarding weather, you could talk about how precipitation has increased over the globe over the past decade. You can talk about how the summers are hotter than they were 20 years ago. Hurricanes, floods, and droughts are said to become stronger and more frequent. The rise in sea level is another topic that you could discuss.
  • Be sure that all information you provide is backed by proper citations from verified sources. Provide logistics, statistics, and figures.

Do your research and present the information above in an organized manner and make sure the transition from one paragraph to the next is seamless and lucid. Do that and you have yourself a perfectly good essay on effects on Global Warming. Good Luck!